Past Chairman

Past Chairman Award

The ICC has traditionally presented the following awards in its congresses: Marcel Pourbaix Award, Edward Greco Award and Past Chairman Award.

The Past Chairman Award was established in 1971 for outgoing Chairman of the International Corrosion Council.
The full list of ICC Chairman who received this award is exposed below:

  • 1978 (Rio de Janeiro): Prof. Antoine Pourbaix on behalf of Prof. Marcel Pourbaix
  • 1981 (Mainz): Prof. Uhlig
  • 1984 (Toronto): Prof. Leach
  • 1987 (Madras): Prof. Lacombe
  • 1990 (Florence): Prof. Giordano Trabanelli
  • 1993 (Houston): Prof. Jerome Kruger
  • 1996 (Melbourne): Prof. Einar Mattsson
  • 1999 (Cape Town): Prof. Graham Wood
  • 2002 (Granada): Prof. Michael Graham
  • 2005 (Beijing): Prof. Dieter Landolt
  • 2008 (Las Vegas): Prof. Hans De wit
  • 2011 (Perth): Prof. Antoine Pourbaix
  • 2014 (Jeju): Prof. Tooru Tsuru