Marcel Pourbaix

Marcel Pourbaix Award

The ICC has traditionally presented the following awards in its congresses: Marcel Pourbaix Award, Edward Greco Award and Past Chairman Award.
The Marcel Pourbaix Award was established in April 20, 1995 at Brussels and approved by the ICC Council Meeting in Houston during the 12th ICC Congress. Awarded to corrosion scientists for outstanding contributions to international cooperation in the field of metallic corrosion. It was first presented in Brussels in April 1995 and the medals given to the winners up to 2002 were provided by the Australasian Corrosion Association. New medals provided by CEBELCOR have been presented since 2008.
The award winner will receive a certificate to be presented on the occasion of the International Corrosion Congress. No restrictions as to membership in ICC or in other societies apply in order to qualify for the Marcel Pourbaix Award. More information

The full list of award winners is exposed below:

1995 (Brussels): Prof. Hans-Jurgen Engell, Prof. Alfred Rahmel and Prof. Marcel Pourbaix
1996 (Melbourne): Prof. Rex Hussey
1999 (Cape Town): Prof. Einar Mattsson
2002 (Granada): Prof. Vladimir Cihal
2005 (Beijing): No recipient
2008 (Las Vegas): Prof. Vladimir Kucera
2011 (Perth): Prof. Venice Gouda and Prof. Roger Staehle
2014 (Jeju): Prof. Hashimoto and Prof. Wood