Edward Greco

Edward Greco Award

The ICC has traditionally presented the following awards in its congresses: Marcel Pourbaix Award, Edward Greco Award and Past Chairman Award.

The Edward Greco Award was established in 1993 for the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ICC Congresses. 
The full list of persons who received this award is exposed below:

  • 1996 (Melbourne): Prof. David Whitby
  • 1999 (Cape Town): Prof. Rob White
  • 2002 (Granada): Prof. Manuel Morcillo
  • 2005 (Beijing): Prof. Wei Ke
  • 2008 (Las Vegas): Prof. Narasi Sridhar and Prof. Ronald Latanision
  • 2011 (Perth): Prof. Peter Farinha
  • 2014 (Jeju): Prof. Jong Jip Kim